Home Learning:  Supporting Your Child at Home

SASM is a school that embraces technology for learning. All Year 3 and 4 pupils have their own iPad and Year 5 and 6 pupils have their own Chromebook. Our Learning Resource Centre is equipped with 90 laptops. Pupils and teachers share a virtual Google Classroom, where ideas, resources and home learning tasks are shared. Pupils can access their Google Classroom, their files and productivity tools using G-Suite. We also use a range of apps and programs to support learning such as MyMaths, TTRockstars and Reading Eggs 

Downloading apps and accessing services

SASM Apps Posters

Use the camera on your device to download everything you need.

  Alternatively, you can search for each app on the Play or App Store

How to log in to your Google Classroom (used for posting classwork and announcements):

These slides will show you how to login to your Google Services (G-Suite)

Copy of How to log in to Google Classroom

How to log in to Spelling Shed (used as part of English home learning):

Time guide: 10-15 minutes daily

There is a ‘Spelling Shed’ app but this is not linked with school accounts so please only use the web browser for completing home learning and don’t buy the app. On your login information, ignore the code #124467: this is our school code and not your child's login (in the event you cannot find our school on the system)


What does my child need to do?

The children will be set one assignment a week to allow them to practise the spelling rule they’ve learnt in school that week. When you click on ‘assignment’, you are taken to a screen that displays a number of tiles under the categories "spelling practice", "word games" and "bonus games".  Your child can choose which category to spend time on – we encourage them to spend a little time on all of the available games. 

There is no ‘end point’ to assignments. We expect children to spend 10-15 minutes a day practising the spelling rule via the assignment. The assignment will end when a new spelling rule has been taught in school.

Does my child need to complete a particular difficulty level?

Your child can choose a difficulty level, (easy, medium, hard or extreme) for their assignment of the week. These are all based on their assigned spelling rule this week.


What do the 'progress' and 'status' headings mean?

For more information on this, visit this page of Spelling Shed's website

What else can my child do on Spelling Shed?

If your child wishes to explore other spelling rules, they can do so by using the drop down menu entitled “scheme”. There are different stages to choose from and a stage = year. For example Stage 3 = Year 3 spelling rules.

How to log in to Reading Eggs (used as part of English home learning):

Time guide: 30-45 minutes weekly

Reading Eggs - a guide.pdf

What does my child need to do?

Your child will be set an assignment from their teacher each week; this needs to be completed before any other part of Reading Eggs can be accessed. Pupils work their way through the assignment. If pupils score less than 80%, Reading Eggs will prompt your child to repeat the exercise. 

We have been advised by Reading Eggs that there is a glitch that the assignment might be restarted, even if a pupil scores more than 80%. If this occurs, please log out of the system, leave it for a short period of time and log back in again. You can then dismiss the task. If this persists, please contact Reading Eggs support: https://readingeggs.co.uk/schools/contact-us/ 

How to log in to My Maths (used for maths home learning):

Time guide: 30 minutes weekly

How to use MyMaths for home learning.pptx

These slides will show you how to login to your MyMaths account

How to log into MyMaths.pdf

How to log in to Times Tables Rockstars (TTRS):

Times Table Rockstars.pdf

How to set up the SIMS Parent App:

SIMS Parent App Instructions.pdf