At SASM, we use a bespoke scheme to promote Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE), which takes the children into a journey of self-reflection, enhancing their learning and discovery of their own emotions and enables them to lead safe, happy and healthy lives. 

Our PSHE topics include: Digital Citizenship, Aspirations, Community, Wellbeing, Bullying, Personal Safety, Relationships and Changing Me. 

Every year, the children revisit these six topics but the discussions and activities are designed to deepen their understanding as they get older. During the lessons, the children practise mindfulness, create role-plays and explore their creativity.

PSHE Curriculum Overview

PSHE Learning Overview .pdf
RSE Learning Overview - April 2024 onwards.pdf
RSE 3i Sheet 2024 onwards.pdf

PSHE Policy 

Copy of 55_ PSHE Policy (approved Spring 2023)

Our RSE Curriculum

RSE 3Is Sheet June 2021

Relationship and Sex Education Policy 

Copy of 55a - Relationships & Sex Education Policy (approved in June 2020 - no changes required since)

Click here to view our: Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Sex education delivered as part of statutory RSE. Parents have the right to request that their child be withdrawn from some or all of this content. Please contact the PSHE subject leader via the school office for more information.