Science at SASM

Our school is the lead school for the Kingston and Richmond Ogden Trust Primary Partnership, which manages outreach and enrichment activities for 12 local schools

Our school was awared the PSQM Gilt award in 2018. The Primary Science Quality Mark is a highly successful, unique award programme to develop and celebrate the profile of science teaching, learning and leadership in primary schools. Science subject leaders join a local PSQM hub and are supported by professional development to achieve the PSQM award. 

Science Curriculum Overview

Science Learning Overview Autum 2023.pdf

Our Science Curriculum

Science 3i Sheet Autumn 2023.pdf

We are all scientists

Andrew Hanson, a scientist from the National Physical Laboratory, came into SASM to demonstrate the effects of liquid nitrogen. Scientists regularly visit SASM to share their work. Year 5 have also explored the universe with The Learning Dome.

We ask questions

Asking questions about the world around us is important and actively encouraged at SASM. SASM's STEM Club focuses on a different question a week with questions ranging from 'Why are bubbles round?' to 'How to nappies work?' 

We make discoveries

At SASM, we believe children should be able to make discoveries for themselves by choosing how to investigate an important question or topic. You can see what is studied at SASM each year group here

We investigate

Training young people to become scientists is facilitated at SASM through our Science Lab. Opened in 2017, the lab is used for an hour a week by each class to develop science enquiry skills. Practical, hands-on experiences are central to our enjoyment of science and the development of science capital. All children spend an hour a week in our lab development their enquiry skills.From making our own teeth to testing the effects of fizzy sweets, children are able to conduct enquiries based on their own questions. 

Bringing science home!

Science forms part of our everyday lives. If you are itching to try out some science at home, here are some useful websites you can visit to continue your science adventure:

BBC's Terrific Scientific has a host of practical experiments you can try with things you can find around the home. It also has games and videos to explain the science behind your adventures:

BBC Bitesize gives support to parents and children with the science curriculum. There are plenty of fun games, activities and knowledge to look at:

The Royal Institution's website has some amazing experiment and science craft activities to try at home. There are also loads of shows you can attend with your family. Click below to find out more!