The school day

Our school is open to pupils from 8:30am for the Daily Walk. The school day begins with morning registration at 8:45am and the compulsory school day ends at 3:20pm. This is 6.58 hours a day and 32.9 hours in a typcial school week.

Breakfast club places are available from 7:45am and after-school club runs until 6:00pm. Click here for more information. There is also a wide range of after-school clubs available until 4:30pm.

  • The school gates are opened at 8.30am. Children are asked to access the playground via the Maple Road entrance but not through the main school entrance. Children join the daily walk from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, all parents and carers are invited to join their pupils in the playground from 8:30-8:45am. A member of staff is on the gate every day. Pupils may not enter via Maple Infants’ playground as this gate is locked. Ball games and use of the playground equipment are not permitted at the beginning or end of the school day.

  • The bell goes at 8.45am at which time all children must leave the playground and walk into class. Parents are asked to make sure their child is in the playground at least five minutes before this time.

  • Parents are permitted to wait in the school playground from 3.15pm ready for the end of the school day at 3.20pm. Children may not use the playground equipment after or before school as our staff are not available to supervise. During lunchtimes, the only balls to be used in the playground belong to the school.

A typical day in our school:

*On Fridays, Celebration Collective Worship takes place from 3:05pm-3:20pm