Governing Body: Membership, Attendance and Responsibilities

Copy of Governor Record 2018-2019

Governor Record

This document is a record of all members of the Governing Body (past and present), including the dates of their term of office, committee membership, the body by which they have been appointed and any relevant interests.

Committee Membership and Responsibilities

This document outlines which Governors sit on each committee as well as detailing other roles and responsibilities within the Governing Body

Committee Membership 2020-2021 (1).pdf
Copy of Governors' Link Subjects 2018 - 2019.doc

Link Governors and Subject Leaders

This document details which member of staff is responsible for each curriculum subject and which governor is linked to that subject.

Attendance Register for Governing Body Meetings and Committees

This document shows the attendance of each governor at each full Governing Body meeting and each relevant committee meeting over the past academic year.

ATTENDANCE 2020-2021
ATTENDANCE 2019-2020
ATTENDANCE 2016-2017.docx