SASM has a dedicated Art Studio to provide a specialist space for the delivery of high quality art lessons. These lessons encourage our pupils to develop their artistic skills and appreciation as they progress through the school. Their journey is recorded in a sketchbook that is kept throughout their time with us.

Our art curriculum enables the children to:

  • Develop their creativity using different materials to express their ideas through drawing, painting and sculpture.

  • Use different techniques with colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.

  • Learn about great artists, designers, architects and craft makers.

Our after school art clubs offer pupils additional opportunities to use our facilities to experiment and develop their creative skills.

Art Curriculum Overview

Art Learning Overview .pdf

Our Art Curriculum

Art 3i Sheet 20_21.pdf

Year 3 Portraits

Yr 3 Portraits.pdf

Year 4 Cityscapes

Yr 4 Cityscapes.pdf

Year 5 Still Life

Yr 5 Still Life.pdf

Year 6 Mayan Art

Yr 6 Mayan Art.pdf