If you are interested in your child coming to our school, please get in touch and come and look round, we would love to meet you!

Applying to join our school

As a Church of England Aided primary school, admissions to school follow the policy that has been agreed by the school governors and is published our below.  

The Determined Admissions Policy explains how to apply, how applications are considered and how we consider applications when we are over-subscribed.

Our Admission Appeals Timetable includes the deadline and process for lodging appeals

To apply for a place at SASM in September 2024, please visit:

To apply for a place at SASM within the academic year, please visit:

Admissions Documents

Starting at SASM

Transferring to SASM from Maple Infants for year 3

Our main feeder school is Maple Infants and we have an established transition programme in place to help the children settle into their new school community.

Throughout their time at Maple children have been used to seeing "the big children" over the fence and regularly use our playground/facilities. Children in year 2 watch our Christmas production and the Year 6 leavers' production.

At the end of June/beginning of July, year 2 children visit us, in small groups accompanied by a teaching assistant, and are given a tour of the school by a teaching assistant and current pupils. In July, SASM teachers will visit year 2 to see them working at Maple and the children will visit SASM to meet their new class teachers and spend an hour here having a lesson. There is a comprehensive handover of data and information from Maple to SASM.

Transferring to SASM from other infant schools

We will contact parents in June to arrange a suitable time for them to visit the school with their child. Children will also be invited to join us in July to meet their new class and class teacher.

All children will be given a welcome booklet, made by current pupils and parents will receive a copy of our parent handbook.

The first week

Parents will be asked to bring their children to the hall before school for the first week of term. The class teachers and year 3 teaching assistants will be on hand to answer any questions and will then take the children up to the classrooms. At the end of the day the children should also be collected from the hall. From the second week of term the children will come into class from the playground when the whistle is blown in the morning and will be brought out to the playground by their class teacher in the afternoon. They will then meet their parents in the playground.

In year admissions

Children sometimes start at SASM in the middle of a school year. When this is the case we try to arrange for the family to visit SASM to tour the school and for the child to spend some time with their new class (often a half or full day the week before starting). The child will be given a copy of the welcome booklet and the family will be given information about school meals, after school activity clubs etc. We will contact the child's previous school to arrange for records to be transferred.

The class teacher will meet their new pupil on their first day and will also speak to parents after school. We will arrange for parents to meet with the class teacher after a couple of weeks to discuss how their child is settling in.

If your child is starting at SASM and you have any questions or concerns then please do contact the school office.