School clubs

Regrettably we are currently unable to offer extra curricular clubs at SASM due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We hope to return to a full timetable as soon as it is safe to do so. T

SASM offers a staggering array of extra-curricular activities after school. There are over 40 different after-school clubs throughout the year, which are open to all pupils. A breakfast is also run for pupils before school. Some clubs are run by SASM staff and others are hosted by outside providers.

When do clubs take place?

Clubs start straight after school and finish at 4.30pm. All children must have signed and abide by the club code of conduct in their planner, including changing back into their school uniform after a sports club. There will be designated changing rooms for children attending sports clubs and the expectation is that children change into appropriate clothing and footwear before joining their activity session and then back into their uniform afterwards. Children should be collected by a responsible adult after a club unless you have given written consent for your child to walk home on their own.

What clubs are running?

A huge range of different clubs run each term, it would be impossible to list everything here. However, here are some clubs we have run in the past: Paint!, Tiger Tennis, Choir, Goals!, i-Play, Dodgeball, Crafty Knits, Bricks 4 Kidz Lego, Drama Club, Chess Club, Skateboarding, Home Learning, Suburban Hockey, Code!, Tri Golf, Cheerleading, Soccer Skills, Bejewelled, Yoga, Move it! Shake it!, Creative Crochet, Gardening, Secret Readers, Run SASM Run.

How can I sign my child up for an after-school club?

Each term, the office send out a timetable to parents showing the clubs on offer next term. Here is the latest clubs timetable

Spring 20 clubs.pdf