At SASM, we use the Jigsaw scheme to promote Personal, Social, Health and Emotional (PSHE), which takes the children into a journey of self-reflection, enhancing their learning and discovery of their own emotions.

Our PSHE topics include: Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference, Dreams & Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships and Changing Me.

Every year, the children revisit these six topics but the discussions and activities are designed to deepen their understanding as they get older. During the lessons, the children practise mindfulness, create role-plays and explore their creativity..

PSHE Learning Overview .pdf

PSHE Curriculum Overview

Our PSHE Curriulum

PSHE 3i Sheet 2019.pdf

Here is a brief PowerPoint we used to present the new scheme to the children. On it, you will also find out about our Jigsaw friends: Jino, Jaz, Jez and Jen.

Please ask your children about their learning and discussions during PSHE lessons. It would be great if they could have an opportunity to keep exploring their emotions and ideas about the world with you!