E-Learning: Supporting your child at home

SASM is a school that embraces technology for learning. All pupils have their own iPad and our Learning Resource Centre is equipped with 90 laptops. Pupils and teachers share virtual Google Classroom, where ideas, resources and home learning tasks are shared. Pupils can access their Google Classroom, their files and productivity tools using G-Suite. We also use a range of apps and programs to support learning such as RM Maths, MyMaths and Nessy.

SIMS Parent App Instructions.pdf

How to set up the SIMS Parent App:

How to log in to your Google Classroom (used for posting classwork and announcements):

These slides will show you how to login to your Google Services (G-Suite)

Copy of How to log in to Google Classroom

How to log in to MyMaths (used for maths home learning):

How to use MyMaths for home learning.pptx

These slides will show you how to login to your MyMaths account

How to log into MyMaths.pdf

How to log in to Nessy Spelling (used for English home learning):

How to log into Nessy Spellings
Times Table Rockstars.pdf

Other useful links for further e-learning support at home: